The Bio Energy patch system is not a medical device. It is considered a “physical engineered component” that is used to tap into the body’s bioenergy field. In a way, we can alter the human body’s control panel. This is achieved by special equipment and Technology, called; “Bio Energy Synthesis Technology”, which is used to describe the programming procedure that is used for programming the patches with bio frequencies.

This process allows “sub-harmonic bio frequencies” to be imprinted onto a special substrate vinyl material that contains carbon and crystalline elements. This space-age material is compliant with radio frequency, (RF) waves.

Because our body is a living organism, we attract the low sub-harmonic frequency from the Bio Energy patch. Each energy patch is designed for specific health issues, and is different in frequency programming and only reacts to the health issue you are addressing. The energy patches are programmed with specific sub-harmonic frequencies that the human body can decipher and subtly alter cellular change.

When charged, the Bio Energy patch emits bio frequency energy to ‘resonate’ with the ‘natural energy field’. If you attempt to back this with any kind of theory, then you can find claims that cells ‘resonate’ at a certain frequency and that this frequency has an optimal level and that the frequency can be ‘altered’ via exposure to other frequencies.

If you tap a fork it will oscillate at a certain frequency due to the vibration, and if you then hold this near another fork or a guitar string it will also oscillate at the same frequency – the idea is that your cells can do the same from the Bio Energy patch.