Mission Statement

To bring balance and harmony back to the human body.

Keys to our Success

  • We only partner with pioneers in their field
  • We closely listen to our customers
  • We make being healthy affordable
  • We are the only patch seller that uses an FDA approved adhesive material
  • No Drug, No Chemical Patch alternative therapy
  • 30 years of research and success
  • Biological Engineering produced the patch
  • Manufactured in the USA to the highest compliance standards.

Description of our business

What we do: We help our customers feel better
Why we are unique: Our Bio Frequency Patches use no chemicals, have no known side effects, Does not interfere with any other products current being used.
Why we are special: We are the only company to date that provides help using Frequency and FDA approved patches to balance the body

How are we competitive?
How are we attractive to potential customers
Our Primary Goals