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The Vision Bio Energy Patch is designed to promote healthy eyes and vision, by providing bio-frequencies that support the uveal tract, iris, ciliary body and the choroid.
Application: Consider using when experiencing: Macular degeneration, spots/floaters, eye coordination, and tired eyes.

Use in conjunction with: Bio Energy Patches that can be used to boost effectiveness and in conjunction with Vision Patches are: Healing XL, GSH-Scar Tissue, Circulation, Brain/Heart, and Stress/Anxiety.
Tips: Regular eye checkups from an ophthalmologist or optometrist are important. They should be done once a year if you are over age 65. Some experts recommend annual eye exams starting at an earlier age. Additional Patches can also be effective when used together; Allergies, Brain/Heart (brain, heart, liver), Circulation/Hypertension, Energy Balance (organ health), Enviro3 (environmental allergies & chemtrails), GH Balance (Pituitary Gland & Anti-Aging), GSH (scar tissue), Healing XL, “Kidney, Thyroid, Adrenal, Bladder” (also pituitary and hypothalamus), LIV-GB (liver, gall bladder), Lyme, Migraine, Pain & Inflammation, Parasites, Stress & Anxiety, and Stress Freeze

Consider using the Vision BioEnergy Patch when experiencing symptoms such as:
dry or watery eyes, eye coordination concerns, eye fatigue, eye strain, eye inflammation, macular degeneration (and associated symptoms), sore eyes, tired eyes, vision problems due to diabetes and other related issues, and vision spots/floaters.


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